Supreme focus, modern motivation.

If you absolutely, positively need to get a lot done today, use Task Queen. Task Queen gets you focused and on track by showing you only what matters when it matters.

There are a thousand tools for keeping track of to-do lists, but none to help you focus on the task at hand — until the Queen stepped in. Get ready for masterful organization, intuitive motivation, and daily life management.

Task management that rules

Task Queen is a new approach to task lists, calendars, and goal setting that works. Those other apps just sync your to-do lists. Task Queen is like a personal assistant that manages your day so you can focus on what matters and swiftly execute your goals.






Have finally been able to find some balance in my life with Task Queen. My schedule is always changing, so if I don’t manage it well, my personal life pays the price. Plus, I’m planning a wedding. I needed this so bad.
Business Banker, Currently Wedding Planning


With everything I need to accomplish at work and home, I always felt like I was constantly juggling and never able to focus on my big goals. I’m so much more productive with Task Queen and I’m finally able to rise above the small tasks and challenge myself.
Financial Professional and Mom of 2


When you’re a freelancer, time is money. The more I can work on deliverables, the better. Task Queen has single-handedly eliminated a ton of my administrative work and allowed my to earn more money every week.
Freelancer Professional and Mom of 2


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Trigger Success

Stay focused on your first priorities.

Task Queen trains you to get laser-focused on what matters first with the RIGHT-NOW and TODAY views.

Never again forget to do something again.

Task Queen captures your calendar, to-do list, and goals, then shows you only when you need to see them.  

Keep motivated to finish your project.

Task Queen gives you a tiny visual reward each time you focus — because we all need a little extra.

See real change happen in your life.

With smart goal-setting and unparalleled follow-through, we help take you where you want to go in life.

“I didn’t get everything done this week”

It’s about working smarter, not harder. Whether your goal is to reach a professional milestone, manage your household, run a marathon — or all of the above — we’ll help you achieve it. Task Queen pulls everything you need to do into one place.

If you absolutely, positively need to get a lot done today, use Task Queen.

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